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The ability to remotely manage all of our trust schools from one cloud based platform, not only saves us time in man power, but also money without the need to visit the site.

Mark Fuller | NEMAT

It’s a game changer

Tom Jarman | NEMAT

Teach from home

we love Senso

Supporting Staff at Home…

“Senso is easily the best option to be with during the current climate. Being able to support staff’s laptops at home with the same product we support them within school has been so awesome!”
James | Archway School

Teaching from home

Teaching Done Remotely

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your efforts. It’s made a huge difference to us during this hard time where 100% of our teaching is now being done remotely.
Chris Marriott | Berkhansted



Senso are a great team...

They will continue to support our team to cover eventualities that our schools will face. Senso are on an unrelenting mission to develop their software to support our team that wants to do so much more than just what is expected of them.

Bradley Clegg | Co-founder Concero

Senso working with Concero

Cloud Based Remote Management

Cloud Based Remote Management

“This is Cloud based Remote management and support for a generation of cloud computing


Jim Turner | Chichester High School

Senso Cloud Chichester High School Case Study

Senso Cloud Chichester High School Case Study

Why We Chose Senso…

“An essential tool for a Network manager, usually this kind of software seldom comes without a painful install or laborious maintenance and configuration. Senso’s cloud based technology removes all of the stress and hassle.
This is cloud based remote management for the generation of cloud computing”

Jim Turner | Network Manager

we love Senso

We love…

the cloud-based approach as well as the ability to work on any device with a web browser.”
Brad Gutwein | Warsaw Community Schools
Senso Warsaw Case Study review

Active development quote
active development

Active Development

I love that it is cloud based so that we can use it from any location. I love the active development of it.
Greg Farnsworth | Sweetwater Country School District#2
Sweetwater Country School District#2 case study


Senso Cloud Telford and Wrekin Council Case Study

a true multi-school solution

We’ve found senso.cloud extremely easy to set up on thousands of machines and incredibly quick and reliable to use which is impressive for a cloud based solution. Previous solutions involved utilising 21 hosted servers to spread the load of our 13,000 devices, with no way to easily switch between schools as it was designed for single school use.


Senso.cloud is a true cloud multi-school solution, all schools are accessible from the same portal making remote support a breeze. The support from senso.cloud has been second to none, we feel like we can contact their support or developers knowing any queries will be dealt with in a timely fashion.

The safeguarding element to senso.cloud is remarkable. We are now able to see and spot common trends among students across all our schools all within one view, helping us support a plan of action with schools, protecting students from the dangers of the internet.

Kirsty King | Commercial Services Manager: ICT
Telford & Wrekin Council

Senso Cloud Safeguarding Schools

Real Peace of Mind…

“With Senso it is a real peace of mind knowing our Academy Trust School has active Safeguarding and monitoring that I can view all Schools from a single web page.”
Neil Beards | ICT Director: Manor Multi-Academy Trust
Manor Trust Senso.cloud Case Study

Senso.cloud Helps Identify Students at Risk

Identify Students at Risk

“My favourite thing about Senso is the keyword logging feature. This feature has flagged numerous offenses and has also helped identify some at risk students with bullying and suicidal searches. It allows us to address inappropriate computer usage while ensuring that we have the ability to help other students that may need it’.”


James Townley | Flat Rock Community Schools

Senso Cloud Case Study



Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your efforts.

It’s made a huge difference to us during this hard time where 100% of our teaching is now being done remotely.

Chris Marriott | Berkhansted