Senso™ Admin Bundle

The Senso™ Admin Bundle provides IT teams with a comprehensive suite of network administration tools, designed to help streamline networks, improve efficiency, and save time.

  • Managed via a centralized web-based portal even works on your smartphone.
  • Enables IT staff to remotely track, monitor, and manage devices anywhere in the world.
  • Built for scale – it doesn’t matter if you only need to manage a few devices or an entire School District.
  • Real-time Module give you peace of mind that you are running the latest release.
  • Streamline day to day IT related activities without leaving your desk.

It’s like having a super hero on your team.


Remote Control




Share and Take control with one click, no pass codes or user names required.

Just a click of the live thumbnail takes you into the control lobby.

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Remote Log On



Remote Log on allows administrators to log on to multiple devices.

It can save you time by just selecting all the devices and clicking Remote Log On. It’s that simple!

No more visiting each device to manually type the username and password. The option to save as a favourite can save even more time.

Error Event Viewer




This module allows you to gather Error events from remote computers and the associated Event ID and the error description.

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Remote Script





The Remote Script Module gives you the ability to create a Batch, Powershell or VBScript and execute it remotely on any number of machines either in real-time or when the machine powers up by means of a Senso Policy.

Live Chat




Allows you to initiate a Live Chat session with one or more users at a time. Give advice or guidance to users with a click of a button and without disrupting the lesson.

Don’t worry if a user closes the Live Chat session the next time you send a message it will open again and display all previous messages and of course the one you just sent.

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System Info




Collect information about the devices in your organisation, even when users are working remotely outside of your network.

System Information gives reports on the following; System Overview, BIOS, Drives, Network, Processor, Memory, Graphics, Installed Software and Support with more to come.

Task Manager




Allows you to query TCP Connections and Running Processes running on one or more remote devices.

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Report on the status of your machines, including hardware, software and device activity. Get answers to your questions, quickly and efficiently anywhere you are.

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