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With our Classroom Management Software, teach from anywhere in the world!
Don’t be tied down to a desk when monitoring your student’s behaviour. Include students in the lesson even if they are at home sick or in hospital and access the latest and greatest teaching tools with Senso.


  • Teach on the Move.
    Teach from anywhere, to any number of students in any school.
  • Completely Web Based.
    Teach smarter with our web based management console.
  • Works Over the Internet.
    With Senso you’re never tied to one desk, work anywhere.
  • Classroom Management Tools.
    Take control of the class and take your lessons to the next level.
  • Monitoring and Safeguarding.
    Keep students safe with monitoring and internet safeguarding.

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Classroom Management Software

Safeguarding Software for Schools

Broadcast Screen




Go live from your computer or choose another machine from the class.

Getting everyone on the same page quickly and effectively, so more time is spent on task and working towards the group goal.

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Block Resources




Take control of resources at PC level, allowing for Teachers to grant and deny access as required to class groups.

Lock Screen



From gaining the full classes attention, to applying to individuals.

The Lock Screen function allows tailored screen colours and messages, to allow for maximum impact.

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Run Website / Application



Save time by getting the class where you want them as quickly as possible, push out a website or application to the whole group or selected student machines.

Save favourites for one click push out, keeping the class on task and ready to start work from the get go.

Quick Question




Send out a question for the class, small group, or individual in 2 easy steps. With instant feedback within the same window you will be able to act on the feedback straight away.

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Disable Internet




When attention is required and distraction is not, the power to turn the internet on or off is as easy as a quick flick of a switch.

Live Thumbnails



Make sure your students are on task with live thumbnails.

Easy monitoring, with the option to take control of their PC if help is required.

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Google Classroom Sync



Google classroom sync makes managing your class easier. Google classroom is an excellent team-player when it comes to monitoring your chrome books in the classroom.


Select the google class with one click and you are ready to go, with the class set of chrome books coming online with live thumbnails.


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