Finally, the freedom to move about and still use your Classroom Management Software.

  • Have you ever been tied down to a desk to monitor your student’s behaviour?
  • Wish you could include students in the lesson even if they are at home sick or in hospital?
  • Need access to the latest and greatest teaching tools?

Senso™ is certainly the answer… it empowers you to teach from anywhere in the world.

What are the key benefits for Teachers?
  • Teach from anywhere, to any number of students in any school
  • Web Based Management Console
  • Access your console from any browser on any device
  • Works over the internet
  • Classroom Management tools
  • Monitoring and internet safeguarding

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Senso™ Teacher


  • Lock-Unlock Workstation
  • Vulnerability Checker
  • Remote Log On
  • End Session
  • Client Updater

Senso™ Admin


  • Error Event Viewer
  • Lock-Unlock Workstation
  • Vulnerability Checker
  • Task Manager
  • System Information
  • Remote Registry Editor
  • Remote Log On
  • Manage Services
  • End Session
  • Client Updater
  • Command Prompt
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Senso™ Enterprise


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