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Core Cloud

$1.50per device annually
Essential tools for IT management
  • Send Message
  • Send File
  • Run Application-Website
  • Remote Control
  • Thumbnail View
  • Live Chat

Class Cloud

$2.50per device annually
Monitor and teach your students without distraction
  • Core Cloud Modules
  • Quick Question
  • Broadcast Screen
  • Mute Sound
  • Lock Screen
  • Disable Internet

Network Cloud

$2.50per device annually
Monitor and Manage your IT estate with ease
  • Core Cloud Modules
  • Wake-on-lan
  • Error Event Viewer
  • Remote Script
  • Vulnerability Checker
  • Task Manager
  • Remote Registry Editor
  • Remote Log On
  • Log Computer Activity
  • Client Updater
  • Command Prompt

Safeguard Cloud

$2.50per device annually
Offering unprecedented safeguarding capabilities
  • Core Cloud Modules
  • Block Resources
  • Lock Down
  • Windows Logs
  • Violation Logs
  • Dashboard
  • Application Logs
  • Activity Logs
  • Acceptable Use Policy
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Enterprise Cloud

$6.00per device annually
All 4 bundles included!

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