Senso™ Remote Control

The beauty of Senso™ is the freedom to be on the move and still provide remote support. Remote control a device from your desk, faculty lounge, favourite coffee shop or even at home. Since the senso Management console is web-based, it even works on any supported device or smartphone.

Senso™ Remote Control comes with two modes;

Thumbnail View:
This has been designed for the busy Teacher and or Administrator in mind as it runs in a mouse only mode. Select every thumbnail you want to remote control and click the small arrow icon to take control. Each thumbnail will display an arrow indicating you have taken control which allows you to jump between desktops and control them very quickly.

Full Screen:
Allows for a richer experience by displaying the best resolution for your screen and allowing keyboard control. If you are using a smartphone or a tablet the onscreen keyboard is activated. This mode is accessed by selecting a single device and then clicking the Remote Control icon from the toolbar or simply double clicking the corresponding device in Thumbnail View.

Both allow for the quality of the image to be scaled up or down.

Remote Control

This module is available on the following bundles:

- Core Cloud

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