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Featured APPS

  • Instant Remote Control
    Share and take control with one click.
  • Instant Access
    Get access to sleeping and powered off machines.
  • System Information
    Collect information about the devices in your organization.
  • Live Chat
    Give advice or guidance to users with a click of a button.

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With over 10,000 machines to manage and service…
With over 10,000 machines to manage and service, Senso has allowed the engineers at LEAD to have a single platform to access any machine and server on the go. Speeding up the time it takes to get to an issue so that users can be back up and running as quickly as possible.
Lead IT services

Corporate Bundle

L.E.A.D IT Services Working with Senso

Multi Monitor Support

Flip from monitor to monitor seamlessly.

Flip from monitor to monitor seamlessly with one click when supporting end users devices.
This module allows you to gather Error events from remote computers and the associated Event ID and the error description.

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Multi Monitor Support

Work Collaboratively

Senso works so well at keeping inquisitive minds focused on investigating the right things.

Senso gives me the power to work collaboratively through sharing of screens along with distributing files and links

Queensbury Academy

Why Choose Senso

Audit logging

Review portal activity.

User activity is captured from log-on to shutdown, capturing such things as suspicious logon and logoff on critical services, servers, workstations and network devices.

As well as identifying privileged account abuse, showing up unauthorized software installations and data transfers.

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Audit logging Senso

Task manager

Remotely view and end processes.

Remotely start and stop services, view tcp connections. Allows you to query TCP Connections and Running Processes running on one or more remote devices.

Task manager Senso

Remote script

Execute scripts remotely in real-time.

Remotely run or schedule PowerShell, VB script or batch scripts. The Remote Script Module gives you the ability to create a Batch, Powershell or VBScript and execute it remotely on any number of machines either in real-time or when the machine powers up by means of a Senso Policy.

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Execute scripts


This is cloud based remote management for the generation of cloud computing.
Jim Turner | Network Manager

Senso Cloud Chichester High School Case Study view full case study


I love that it is cloud based so that we can use it from any location. I love the active development of it.
Greg Farnsworth | Sweetwater Country School District#2

swsd2 Case Study view full case study


Our Academy Trust School now has active Safeguarding and monitoring. I can view all schools from a single web page.
Neil Beards | ICT Director: Manor Multi-Academy Trust

Manor Trust sensocloud  Case Study view full case study


We love the cloud-based approach as well as the ability to work on any device with a web browser.
Brad Gutwein | Warsaw Community Schools

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