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Monitor and teach from anywhere without distraction, our monitoring and control modules are designed to put control back in the teachers hands.

senso cloud classroom management software

Class Cloud Bundle

With our Classroom Management Software, teach from anywhere in the world!
Don’t be tied down to a desk when monitoring your student’s behaviour. Include students in the lesson even if they are at home sick or in hospital and access the latest and greatest teaching tools with Senso.


  • Teach on the Move.
    Teach from anywhere, to any number of students in any school.
  • Completely Web Based.
    Teach smarter with our web based management console.
  • Works Over the Internet.
    With Senso you’re never tied to one desk, work anywhere.
  • Classroom Management Tools.
    Take control of the class and take your lessons to the next level.
  • Monitoring and Safeguarding.
    Keep students safe with monitoring and internet safeguarding.

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Class Management Software

What’s Included with Class Cloud?

Monitor and manage your class with live thumbnails and more, keeping you in control.


Share and take control.
Go live from your computer or choose another machine from the class. Getting everyone on the same page quickly and effectively, keep on task and work towards the group goal.

Block Resources

Limit classroom distractions.
Take control of resources at PC level within the classroom, our classroom management software allows for teachers to grant and deny access as required to class groups.

Classroom Device Management

Lock Screen

Classroom management solutions.
From gaining the class’ full attention, to applying to individuals.
The Lock Screen function allows tailored screen colours and messages for maximum impact.

Run Website / Application

Tools to manage lessons.
Save time by getting the class where you want them as quickly as possible, push out a website or application to the whole group or selected machines. Save favorites for one click push out, keeping the class on task and ready to start work from the get go.

Classroom Laptop Management

Quick Question

Gain student feedback.
Send out a question for the class, small group, or individual in 2 easy steps. With instant feedback within the same window you will be able to act on the feedback straight away.

Disable Internet

Minimize distractions in class.
When attention is required and distraction is not, the power to turn the internet on or off is as easy as a quick flick of a switch. Take back control of your class.

Web Based Classroom Management

Live Thumbnails

Classroom monitoring software.
Make sure your students are on task with live thumbnails.
Easy classroom monitoring, with the option to take control of student PC’s if help is required.

Google Classroom Sync

Managing your class made easier
Google classroom is an excellent team-player when it comes to monitoring your chrome books in the classroom. Select the Google class with one click and you are ready to go with live thumbnails.

Cloud Based Classroom Management

More Classroom Management Features…

From security checks to blocking USB devices, we’ve got all the device management modules you’ll ever need.

Classroom Safeguarding Software
Allow Apps.
Keep your students on task by allowing them access to only what they need and block access to what they don’t. The Allow Apps policy can be applied to more or more users. It’s perfect for exam environments.
Safeguarding for classrooms
Password Reset.
Allows teachers to reset students Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP) passwords immediately. It stops students leaving the classroom and get them back working in seconds.
Safeguarding for classes
Send File.
Upload a file to your file repository and once you are ready, select the file, tick one or more the students and click send. The file is automatically saved on the student devices.

Safeguarding for education
Live Chat.
Allows you to initiate a Live Chat session with one or more users at a time. Give advice or guidance to users with a click of a button and without disrupting the lesson.

Management software for students
Mute Sound.
Want to stop a distracting sound from your classroom computers? The Mute Sound module gives you the ability to mute or un-mute sound on one or all of your devices in your classroom in seconds.

Student chromebook managing
Close Active Tab (Chrome browser).
Closes the Active Tab of the Chrome browser. If it’s the only tab it will close the Chrome browser application down.

Manage and monitor classrooms
Pin Groups.
Create dynamic groups on demand. Perfect for laptop trollies or BYOD devices.

Queensbury school


“Senso works so well at keeping inquisitive minds focused on investigating the right things. It gives me the power to work collaboratively through sharing of screens along with distributing files and links to all my students. It gives me peace of mind that students use the computers responsibly”
James Searle | Head of ICT
George Loczy | Network Manager

why we choose senso

Brad Gutwein

We love the cloud-based approach as well as the ability to work on any device with a web browser.
Warsaw Community Schools

Senso Warsaw Case Study

Greg Farnsworth

I love that it is cloud based so that we can use it from any location. I love the active development of it.

Sweetwater Country School District#2

Senso Sweetwater County Case Study

Jim Turner

This is Cloud based Remote management and support for a generation of cloud computing
Chichester High School

Chichester high school case study