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Τhe rise of a new dawn on Asset utilization.

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Manage and Monitor Devices Senso

Asset Cloud

Bringing a full 360° view of how your hardware and software is being used across your estate. Enabling better decisions on upgrades and renewals with key metrics that will allow budgets to be focussed in the areas most required.

at a glance

Saving you time.
Find your worse performing or least utilized machines to take action quickly and effectively.

Manage and monitor your devices

deep dive

All you need to know in one place.
From CPU, memory and disk usage, to the activity history of a user across 24 hour blocks. Senso will give you everything you need to know.

CPU, Memory and Desk Usage Overview

View Device Performance

lets get reporting!


Keeping on top of things.
Giving you a concise picture of the makeup of the devices and software across your estate, wherever they are.

Asset Utilisation Overview


Keeping you safe.
Peace of mind to know you are up to date and covered, enabling quick identification of devices that need your attention.

Asset Utilisation Security Feature


Keeps you informed.
Keeping user experiences at a high is a premium, having the tool to monitor key performance metrics is priceless…

Asset utilisation performance toolSenso Cloud Asset Utilisation

Senso Cloud Device Performance Overview


enable alerts

Get updates on the status of your devices.
Enabling alerts lets you know when a device goes above its CPU usage or disk space allocation, helping to minimize downtime within your business. Alerts also provide better decisions on upgrades and renewals.

Device Status and Alerts

manage alerts

Prioritize your device alerts.
Manage alerts for devices within your IT estate. Pick and choose which devices trigger alerts for CPU usage, disk usage and EventViewer information.

CPU and Disk Usage Alerts


Take control of devices in real-time.
Troubleshoot helps you diagnose and fix issues in real time by allowing you to take full control of any machine, device or server all from a single platform.

Device Management for Business



Modules to make monitoring and managing devices a breeze…


Keep track of your devices.
Add machines, devices and servers across your entire IT estate. Add and edit model information, specifications, its location within your business and more.

Add and edit it assets

dark mode

Welcome to the dark side.
Not only is it pretty cool, but in low light conditions, dark mode is easier on the eyes too! It’s also great for battery life as it helps reduce screen energy usage.
Senso Cloud, Manage your IT Assets

Senso dark mode


Your dashboard, your way.
Customize your dashboard to suit your needs and get real-time information about your machines, devices and servers all in one place. Re-order, add or remove widgets in just a few clicks.

Device overview dashboard