Our Multi Academy Bundle

Finally, say hello to a Network and Classroom Management solution built for Local Authorities and Multi-academy trusts (MAT’s).


  • Designed for Multiple Schools.
    Manage multiple schools with ground breaking technology.
  • No Server Required.
    A powerful cloud based solution.
  • Web Based Management Console.
    Managing multiple schools with ease.
  • Easy Installation
    You’ll be up and running in no time.
  • Works Over the Internet.
    Our cloud based solution allows you to work anywhere.
  • Built for Scale.
    Perfect for managing multiple schools.
  • Constant Updates.
    Get updates without lifting a finger.

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Senso Cloud Multi Academy Solution

Manage Multi Academy with Senso

Have All Your Schools In One View





Instantly access any of your schools for support through the live thumbnails. Allowing engineers to get to the problem quickly and efficiently. Exercise a greater degree of control over the Trust’s entire IT infrastructure, whilst also allowing local IT teams to manage their estate if required.

On Demand Reporting



The centralised reporting engine allows IT teams to:


  • Make data driven decisions
  • Gain greater IT operational efficiencies
  • Support compliance and regulatory initiatives to mitigate risk and avoid security issues


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Centralised Logging

Delivering a comprehensive log management and analysis engine, Senso.cloud can not be matched. Log files from key strokes, web, applications and operating systems maintaining a comprehensive insight into how the users across all schools are using the Trusts IT systems.

Logging includes:


  • Violation
  • Application
  • Website
  • Caption
  • Activity

Unlimited Scalability



A deployment engine that makes scaling a breeze, with no need for high initial investment on infrastructure. With a true cloud architecture, the word hybrid was never on our developers radar.

Our servers autoscale to respond to load, to keep user experience at the very best service levels possible.

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Granular Access Rights



Senso.cloud includes a powerful granular access control engine as standard, putting you in control of your Data security. The Senso access control enables users roles and responsibilities to be set so that individuals are given access only to relevant areas or functions of the system.


Allowing Trust’s to construct site-specific roles with privileges to match their requirements, and restrict system administrators and database owners from accessing user data.

Classroom,Network, Safeguarding and Reporting built for Multi Academy Trust’s

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“Senso.cloud is the only product that can manage our clients through cloud and allows us to support users working at home! Senso is developing amazingly fast with lots of new exciting features and will soon be a tool that we cannot be without to do our jobs! ”

IT Manager, Southall School, UK

“Senso.cloud has proven to be a more reliable and sensible solution for my school district to help facilitate my network management needs. ”

Lisa Nelson, Technology Director, Douglass ISD, Texas

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