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so what is
Network Cloud?

Designed to provide IT teams with a comprehensive suite of Network administration tools, designed to streamline networks, improve efficiency, and save time.

Report on the status of your machines, including hardware, software and device activity.

why choose network cloud

Why Choose Network Cloud?

Get answers to your questions, quickly and efficiently anywhere you are.

Benefit 1

Managed via a centralised web-based portal, it even works on your smart phone.

Benefit 2

Enables IT staff to remotely track, monitor, and manage devices anywhere in the world.

Benefit 3

Share and take control with one click, no pass codes or usernames required.

Benefit 4

Work on multiple devices simultaneously, saving you time and streamlining processes.

Senso Cloud Case Study


“ With over 10,000 machines to manage and service, Senso has allowed the engineers at LEAD to have a single platform to access any machine and server on the go. Speeding up the time it takes to get to an issue so that users can be back up and running as quickly as possible. ”
L.E.A.D IT Services

L.E.A.D IT Services Working with Senso

Case studies

Brad Gutwein

"We love the cloud-based approach as well as the ability to work on any device with a web browser."
Warsaw Community Schools

Senso Warsaw Case Study

Greg Farnsworth

"I love that it is cloud based so that we can use it from any location. I love the active development of it."

Sweetwater Country School District#2

Senso Sweetwater County Case Study

Jim Turner

"This is Cloud based Remote management and support for a generation of cloud computing"
Chichester High School

Chichester high school case study

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