Senso™ Violation Alerts

Take screenshot evidence when key phrases are detected.

This was actually developed by us long before ‘e-safety’ and internet ‘safeguarding’ was around. You could say we were the inventors of this kind of solution and so we have more experience than anyone to provide the best solution for safeguarding.

The Violation Alerts module allows you to monitor and offer guidance to students regarding their online behaviour by logging, date/time, device, user, screenshot, phrase, source policy, source application, source window, action taken and context. All this combined with senso™ Session History and Log Activity gives you a contextual understanding of what the student was really up to before and after the violation occurred.


Our keyword libraries, developed in collaboration with experts and leading charities, are always kept up to date since we are a cloud solution, unlike similar solutions which cannot keep up to date with the latest phrases without a software update. dynamically updates its libraries in real-time without you having to lift a finger.

Whats more, our logs are stored securely in Microsoft data-centres where they cannot be tampered with or deleted, again unlike on-premises solutions.

We need to ensure children and young people are safe online and senso™ Violation Alerts is a key component of our digital responsibility.

Violation Alerts

This module is available on the following bundles:

- Senso Safeguarding
- Senso™ Enterprise

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