Senso™ System Information

Collect information about the devices in your organisation, even when users are working remotely outside of your network.

How many times have you had to wait for a staff member to bring in a laptop so you could confirm what you needed to purchase for that RAM upgrade? With the System Information module, you can check details of the currently installed modules along with details of the available memory slots.

Fed up of crawling under desks looking for the serial numbers needed to access support from manufactures websites? The System Information module not only allows you to access this information, but also includes a link directly to the support section of the manufactures website for the device you are viewing.

With System Information, you can get answers to your questions in seconds regardless of whether you are sat at your desk or out and about.

System Information gives reports on the following; System Overview, BIOS, Drives, Network, Processor, Memory, Graphics, Installed Software and Support with more to come.

System Information

This module is available on the following bundles:

- Senso™ Admin
- Senso™ Enterprise

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