Senso™ Log Activity

The Log Activity module logs ViolationsApplications used and Websites visited during a user’s session. Combined with the ability to define custom database filters for your logs, it couldn’t be easier to find what you are looking for.

Senso™ uses industry-standard protocols to encrypt data in transit as it travels between devices and Microsoft data-centres, which are used to host the senso™ solution. All data is read only and cannot be tampered with by users at your organisation and combined with security roles, you can decide who can see what.

If you look after a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) or more than one site, your real-time logs for all schools are displayed in one easy to use interface with nothing to upload and no switching between servers; Senso™ was designed for large scale deployments across multiple sites, but works equally well in a single small school.

Perform real-time searches across your entire estate at once or dive a little deeper into an individual school, user or device in seconds.

Log Computer Activity

This module is available on the following bundles:

- Network Cloud
- Senso Safeguarding
- Senso™ Enterprise

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