really is Next Generation Network and Classroom Management Software… but don’t take our word for it. You should try it today and see for yourself.

Before you start, here are some Questions that you may want answers for:


Q. Is really cloud based?

A. Yes, is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud, utilizing all the latest technologies and can easily integrate with more technologies over time. We already integrate with Office365 for single sign on and 2 factor authentication.


Q. Does all traffic route through the internet, my internet connection isn’t that great?

A. No! For real time streaming of data such as Remote Control, will securely and cleverly establish a peer link from your browser directly to the machine you want to view, so your internet bandwidth is kept to an absolute minimum. If you are to go outside of your network then, yes, it will route through the internet.


Q. Are my monitored computers activity logs secure from tampering, deletion or unauthorized access and if an incident occurs are the logs admissible in court?

A. Unlike on premises solutions, stores its logs in a very secure cloud storage area that cannot be deleted, tampered with or viewed by anyone except you and all access is audited. Our logs are therefore admissible in court.


Q. Can I restrict who can use the system?

A. Absolutely, you can restrict users to see only certain features and certain groups of users or computers.  If you are using in a multi-school environment for example, you can see all schools and use all features but give access to certain schools and sub groups to the onsite technicians in that school and the librarian can see just the library computers.


Q. I have a large number of machines spread over multiple sites, can operate in this scenario?
A. Yes, was designed for large scale and can handle tens of millions of devices, unlike on-premises solutions that were created when school networks were smaller and operate either non-centrally or have scale limits.


Q. How can I trust a new player to the market?

A. was founded and built by the Founder and former CEO of Impero Software who invented Impero in 2001, taking his company to be the market leader with a near 100% contract renewal rate before he left in spring 2015. He intends to utilize his experience and reputation to make the solution that Impero couldn’t be.  Being a newer and more advanced solution, he aims to ensure is the product of choice for schools around the globe who intend to embrace cloud technologies.