Network Cloud

Provides IT teams with a comprehensive suite of network administration tools. Report on the status of your machines, including hardware, software and device activity.

Senso cloud admin bundle

Senso network cloud bundle

Providing IT teams with a comprehensive suite of network administration tools, designed to help streamline networks, improve efficiency, and save time.


  • Managed via a Centralised Web-based Portal.
    Works on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Track, Monitor and Manage.
    Enables IT staff to remotely track, monitor, and manage devices anywhere in the world.
  • Built for Scale.
    It doesn’t matter if you only need to manage a few devices or an entire Multi-Academy Trust (MATs).
  • Real-time Module.
    Gives you peace of mind that you are running the latest release.
  • Work Smarter.
    Streamline day to day IT related activities.

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admin bundle benefits

Benefits of admin bundle

What’s Included with Network Cloud?

Tools to remotely track, monitor and manage your devices from anywhere!

Remote Control

Share and take control.
Share and take control with one click, no pass codes or user names required. Just a click of the live thumbnail takes you into the control lobby.

Remote Log On

Log on to multiple devices.
Allows administrators to log on to multiple devices. No more visiting each device to manually type the user name and password. Using ‘save as a favourite’ saves even more time.

Remote control app senso

Error Event Viewer

Gather error events.
This module allows you to gather error events from remote computers and the associated Event ID and the error description, giving you plenty of time to deal with them.

Remote Script

Create a Batch, Powershell or VBScript.
The Remote Script Module gives you the ability to create a Batch, Powershell or VBScript and execute it remotely on any number of machines either in real-time or when the machine powers up by means of a Senso Policy.

Senso software for network managers


Live chat sessions with users.
Give advice or guidance to users with a click of a button. If a user closes the Live Chat session, the next time you send a message all previous messages will be there.


Device information all in one place.
View device info in your organisation, even when users are working remotely. Check the system overview, BIOS, drives, network, processor, memory, graphics, software and more.

Network Software with live chat


Machine status information.
Report on the status of your machines, including hardware, software and device activity. Get answers to your questions, quickly and efficiently from anywhere.

Task Manager

Manage multiple devices.
Allows you to query TCP Connections and Running Processes running on one or more remote devices from any device anywhere in the world.

Senso Software reporting

More Device Management Features…

From security checks to blocking USB devices, we’ve got all the device management modules you’ll ever need.

Wake-on-lan Monitoring Software
Our Wake-on-lan module allows you to turn on or wake your computers remotely, no matter where you are, directly from your smart device.
Safeguard Against Cyber Threats
Vulnerability Checker.
Vulnerability Checker helps to safeguard all of our customers and identifies devices that are susceptible to viruses and other cyber threats.
Remotely Manage Devices
Remote Registry Editor.
Quickly make registry edits across your entire estate from one easy to use management console. Add common registry to a shortcut for quick access or to a group policy to tweak the registry automatically at start-up.

Cloud Based Client Updater
Client Updater.
Update all of your devices without lifting a finger – Our revolutionary design delivers new features and updates through the internet straight to your devices regardless of their location.

Cloud Based Network Management
Command Prompt.
Remotely send command prompt messages to one or more devices on or off your network without the end user knowing, all from your smart device.

Block USB Usage
Block USB.
Block users from using and accessing unautorised USB devices on their device to prevent the potential use of harmful content and programs.

Remotely Shut Down Devices
End Session.
Log-off remote users, restart or shutdown remote devices, delay the process giving the remote users time to save their work.

Manage PC Tasks and Services
Manage Services.
Start, stop or restart services on one or more devices remotely. Simply select all of the devices you wish to manage enter the service name and select stop.

Playback Device Scripts
MiMiC Script.
Playback keyboard commands. Set up a mimic script to install a program or update a setting on one or more devices in the click of a button.

Cloud Based Security
Security Check.
Reports if Windows UAC is enabled, what hard drives have encryption enabled, Antivirus name, enabled or not and is it up to date on multiple devices.

Software Management Search
Software Search.
Query one or more devices to see if a certain bit of software has been installed and as an added benefit it will return the version of installed software.


“ With over 10,000 machines to manage and service, Senso has allowed the engineers at LEAD to have a single platform to access any machine and server on the go. Speeding up the time it takes to get to an issue so that users can be back up and running as quickly as possible. ”
L.E.A.D IT Services

Senso Cloud Case Study

L.E.A.D IT Services Working with Senso

Brad Gutwein

We love the cloud-based approach as well as the ability to work on any device with a web browser.
Warsaw Community Schools

Senso Warsaw Case Study

Greg Farnsworth

I love that it is cloud based so that we can use it from any location. I love the active development of it.

Sweetwater Country School District#2

Senso Sweetwater County Case Study

Jim Turner

This is Cloud based Remote management and support for a generation of cloud computing
Chichester High School

Chichester high school case study