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Monitor and teach from anywhere without distraction, our monitoring and control modules are designed to put control back in the teachers hands.

We are obsessed with delivering simple and powerful teaching tools, to help support your class.

why choose Class Cloud

Why Choose Class Cloud?

Monitor your class with live thumbnails and more, keeping you in control.

Global Broadcast

Broadcast your screen from anywhere, to any number of students in any school.

Live Thumbnails

Monitor your class with live thumbnails, with the option to take control if help is required.

One Click Controls

Simple one click controls to keep your students on task and up to speed with the flow of the lesson.

Support Students

Include and support students who are not able to be in class through Senso's cloud technology.

Queensbury school


“Senso works so well at keeping inquisitive minds focused on investigating the right things. It gives me the power to work collaboratively through sharing of screens along with distributing files and links to all my students. It gives me peace of mind that students use the computers responsibly”
James Searle | Head of ICT
George Loczy | Network Manager

why we choose senso

case studies

Brad Gutwein

"We love the cloud-based approach as well as the ability to work on any device with a web browser."
Warsaw Community Schools

Senso Warsaw Case Study

Greg Farnsworth

"I love that it is cloud based so that we can use it from any location. I love the active development of it."

Sweetwater Country School District#2

Senso Sweetwater County Case Study

Jim Turner

"This is Cloud based Remote management and support for a generation of cloud computing"
Chichester High School

Chichester high school case study

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