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We’re here for those who refuse to settle on the ‘it’s OK’. Who never stop moving forwards and pushing requirements. Who continue to search for new ideas and better experiences in everything they do. has reimagined the way our customers can take control and support their users, devices and systems. Giving you the flexibility to only have what  you need, with the flexibility to work for the smallest IT setups, whilst also scaling up to the very largest multi site setups.


Welcome to a world that goes beyond the usual confines of local based systems. Welcome to

Our Founder

In 2001 while working in schools, our Founder saw a pressing need for a solution that not only helped wiJonathan Valentine Impero and founderth Network Management but also gave teachers the ability to teach without distraction and also detect bullying by taking screenshots and raising violations (the first product ever to do this; coined today as ‘Safeguarding software’). Being a proficient programmer, he created a solution that spread across the world, becoming a global success in over 80 countries and used in more than 45% of UK Secondary schools by 2015.

In spring 2015, Jon Valentine, the Founder and Former CEO of Impero Software decided to leave the business to new owners having had the best year in the history of the company with almost 100% customer contract renewal rates.  However, by October 2015 after being convinced by former staff, re-sellers and customers, Jon decided to create the Next Generation of Network and Classroom Management software, which he called – a more powerful, cloud based version of his former creation.

Several of Jon’s best customer focused employees followed him from Impero to go on a new journey and with that, we believe senso™ is built on globally successful knowledge and understanding of what customers need, having already created Impero from nothing.

With schools in the UK forming groups under the control of a single IT Team (a model that has long been present in the USA), LAN based products have reached ‘end of life’ and senso™ is the first to provide a completely modular, cloud-based Network and Classroom Management Software  – an idea that others will soon follow, but remember – #SensoDidItFirst.

Not limited by the boundaries of a Local Network, senso™ is highly scalable and perfect for those needing a solution to monitor and manage computers in a single or multiple locations, over the internet in real-time.

We aim to make senso™ the most robust, flexible and reliable solution in the world for all your Network and Classroom Management needs.

Even though was started in 2015, our knowledge of Network and Classroom Management software plus online Safeguarding spans decades, and by the time others follow us and create their own cloud based solution, we will not only be the first, but we’ll also be the most mature.

“ is the only product that can manage our clients through cloud and allows us to support users working at home! Senso is developing amazingly fast with lots of new exciting features and will soon be a tool that we cannot be without to do our jobs! ”

IT Manager, Southall School, UK

“ has proven to be a more reliable and sensible solution for my school district to help facilitate my network management needs. ”

Lisa Nelson, Technology Director, Douglass ISD, Texas

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