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This is the next generation of Network & Classroom Management Software, provided as a service, giving you unparalleled flexibility!

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About Us

Our Story

In spring 2015, the Founder and former CEO of Impero, a globally successful Network & Classroom Management Solution, stepped away to create senso.cloud, which is a totally new generation of Network & Classroom Management Software.

The first to provide a completely modular, cloud based solution, Senso.cloud gives you unparalleled flexibility to choose the features you need, without the hassle and cost of installing and maintaining an on-premises server.

Our Philosophy

Passion for what we do, drives us to succeed.

Jon Valentine
Jon Valentine Founder

Our Experience

Understanding customer needs
Creating software
Building teams
Playing Table football

What is Senso.cloud?

Senso.cloud lets you manage your organizations computers from a centralized web portal in real-time.

Built with the understanding that customers need robust and reliable Network and Classroom Management software that can also scale to the needs of Local Authorities, School Districts and Multi-Academy-Trusts (MATs) yet work just as well in small primary schools, senso is an affordable option considering todays limited budgets.

From Remote Control to User Violation Alerts, senso has the capability to extend itself to cover multiple products in one intuitive interface.

Senso is cloud-based for scale and accessibility yet modular for extending its feature set without having to re-deploy software; something no other solution can offer.

Years Experience
Cups of coffee
Development hours
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Benefits of using senso.cloud

Switch to our cloud based Network and Classroom Management Solution to realise the following benefits:


Why pay for what you don't need?

Only pay for the features you need, not the ones you don't. Add new 'modules' within seconds, at any time.

No Boundaries

Access from any supported browser

No management console to install, just log in from a browser, on any device, from anywhere.


Built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud

Highly scalable upwards and outwards, with failover and high availability to ensure smooth operation.


Built using the latest security standards

Using the highest verification certificate with TLS encrypted data communication and hashed modules.


Features can be created in record speed

Due to the modular design, new modules can be created and deployed in weeks, days or even hours.


Premium quality for less

Simple, yearly subscription, paying for what you need makes pricing transparent and excellent value.

Senso.cloud has proven to be a more reliable and sensible solution for my school district to help facilitate my network management needs.
Lisa Nelson, Technology Director, Douglass ISD, Texas

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Featured Modules

Here is a selection of our current modules, with more in the pipeline (See full list):

Remote Control

Remotely Control any machine from your browser, anywhere in the world, even from your phone to give instant support.

Thumbnail View

The thumbnail view is a real-time, live view of all your computers, wherever they are in the world, in a matrix-style layout.

Lock Screen

This module will allow you to lock the screens of any selected devices, the remote user cannot bypass the locked screen.

Send File

Send a file from your device to all selected devices. Wherever they are in the world, they will download the file instantly.

Run File or Website

Remotely execute a file or open a website on any number of devices.

Deploy Software

Deploy MSI and EXE software to any machine in the world from a secure cloud repository.

End Session

Logoff remote users, Restart or Shutdown remote devices, delay the process giving the remote users time to save their work.

Send Message

Send a message to a single remote user or to your entire computer estate in seconds, even from your Phone.

Remote Log on

Simultaneously log in to one or thousands of machines using the same log in credentials to perform admin tasks.

Task Manager

Remotely see Processes, their CPU and Ram. Even check remote TCP connections.

Command Prompt

Send command prompt messages to any remote computer without the end user knowing, ideal for admins.

System Information

Gather remote system information such as CPU speed, Ram size etc. Even see Service Tags and query vendor websites.

Current progress of some other Modules:

Violation Alerts (Safeguarding / E-safety)
Log Activity
Disable Internet
Broadcast Screen
Much more... due Q3 2017


Quick Overview of senso.cloud:

Send files from a phone to a pc:

Remote controlling multiple PC's:

Senso.cloud is the only product that can manage our clients through cloud and allows us to support users working at home! Senso is developing amazingly fast with lots of new exciting features and will soon be a tool that we cannot be without to do our jobs!
IT Manager, Southall School, UK

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Pricing and Roadmap

Unlike almost all solutions on the market, we are transparent with our pricing. Cost is per device and includes tech support.

Package Pricing:

  • Senso™ Admin

    £1.56 / $2.03 per device per year
    • Remote Control
    • Live thumbnails
    • Remote Registry
    • Run App/Website
    • Log on, Lock/Unlock Workstation
    • End Session
    • Command/Powershell Prompt
    • Task Manager
    • Inventory
    • Cloud Deploy Msi/exe
    • Live Chat
    • Remote Macro
  • Senso™ Teacher

    £1.66 / $2.16 per device per year
    • Live Thumbnails
    • Log on, Lock/Unlock Workstation
    • End Session
    • Send Message
    • Run App/Website
    • Send File
    • Lock Screen
    • Live Chat
    • Quick Question
    • Allow-only website
    • Broadcast Screen
    • Block Sound and Internet
  • Senso™ Enterprise

    £4.00 / $5.20 per device per year
    • Includes Senso™ Admin
    • Includes Senso™ Teacher
    • Log Activity
    • Violation Alerts
    • Policy Schedule
    • Password Reset
    • AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)
    • Whiteboard
    • Assign Task
    • Request Assistance
    • Software Assurance

Prices exclude Tax and £200.00 / $260.00 hosting cost. One web portal FREE per 50 devices (additional web portals £5.00 / $6.50 ).
Some modules will be added to subscription when available, see below.

Individual Module Pricing:

Module Name Description Cost per year Due Date
Log Activity Log Application, Website and Console user Activity £0.40 / $0.52 Available
Remote Control Remotely control devices from your web browser £0.36 / $0.47 Available
Thumbnail View Monitor remote machines In a live thumbnail view £0.32 / $0.42 Available
Violation Alerts/Safeguarding Keyphrase detection with screenshot evidence £0.24 / $0.31 Available
Blocking Block Internet (works with any browser), Applications or Sound £0.24 / $0.31 Aug 2017
Broadcast Screen Send your screen to any device, anywhere £0.20 / $0.26 Aug 2017
Lock Screen Lock screen, mouse and keyboard £0.18 / $0.23 Available
Send File Send a file to any device, anywhere £0.18 / $0.23 Available
Policy Schedule Schedule any feature to run at any time £0.16 / $0.21 Aug 2017
Run App/Website Remotely run an application or website £0.16 / $0.21 Available
Allow-Only Website Disable all websites except those In this list (works with any browser) £0.16 / $0.21 Sep 2017
Cloud Deploy Software Deploy MSI, EXE or ZIP from anywhere, to anywhere £0.14 / $0.18 Sep 2017
System Information Remote System information and service tag info £0.14 / $0.18 Available
Patch Management Keep your software products up to Date £0.12 / $0.16 TBC
Password Reset Remotely reset user passwords, from any browser £0.12 / $0.16 Oct 2017
Command Prompt Remote DOS/PS command execution £0.10 / $0.13 Available
Software Licensing Keep track of software licenses £0.10 / $0.13 TBC
Task Manager View remote processes and details £0.10 / $0.13 Available
Acceptable Use Policy Display an acceptable use policy to users £0.08 / $0.10 Available
Remote Macro Send keyboard scripts to remote machines £0.08 / $0.10 Oct 2017
End Session Shutdown, restart, logoff £0.06 / $0.08 Available
Send Message Send a message to any user or device £0.06 / $0.08 Available
Assign Task Assign tasks For users to complete £0.06 / $0.08 Q4 2017
Quick Question Ask remote users a quick question/poll £0.06 / $0.08 Available
Log On, Lock/Unlock Workstation Remotely log On or lock/unlock a workstation £0.04 / $0.05 Available
Request Assistance Request assistance from a console user, from anywhere In the world £0.04 / $0.05 Oct 2017
WhiteBoard Collaborative whiteboard £0.04 / $0.05 Q4 2017
Remote Registry Remotely add or modify registry keys £0.04 / $0.05 Available
Live Chat Chat live with remote users £0.02 / $0.03 Available
Vulnerability Check Check your remote machines for the Ransomware vulnerability (ongoing project) Free
Performance Monitor Alerts to high CPU Free Available
All Modules Buy all the above modules together for a total cost of... £4.00 / $5.20

*Prices exclude Tax and £200.00 / $260.00 hosting cost. One web portal/Console FREE per 50 devices (additional web portals £5.00 / $6.50 ).
Due date may vary as a result of our customer priorities and some modules have already been finished sooner than expected.

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